Music Station (090814)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

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This is the type of hairstyle I didn't want Eri to have. It made her looked older but surprisingly, it does not look that bad on Eri. She can probably put on the ugliest hairstyle ever and still, look more gorgeous than anyone else. That's provided you're wearing those "Kameist's spectacles" (→ Added it because I don't want to offend any non-Eri fans :P) But I'll prefer her to have it straight at this length though...I think.

So, it has been around 2 years and 4 months since the last time Morning Musume had performed on Music Station. It made my day when I got to know that Morning Musume will be on Music Station to promote/perform "Nanchatte Renai". But who knew, that OGs too, will be on the show along with the current line-up? Okay, I'm not a huge OG fan, neither am I a OG-hater. But, basic theory! "People ↑, screentime ↓" (→ The result of spending too much time on chemistry)

It was indeed, an awesome short medley performed by all the members including the OGs with those new clapping moves for "Renai Revolution 21" and having all of them to dance to "Nanchatte Renai" although Yuko, annoyed or something? BUT, for people whose eyes are slower than normal people, LIKE ME (and probably just me), had struggled so hard to catch my favourite on screen or to focus on a particular member. One moment, the screen is filled with some of the current MM members, the next moment, I see some OGs and Nono jumps into the view suddenly and woosh! The focus was turned onto another member.

Also, the current members didn't get to talk at all with the exception of Aichan who spoke just a little during the short talk (Lol'd when Aichan went "We will do our best in order to not piss Nakazawa-san off.") I know it sounds as though I'm complaining but I'm not. I am just...disappointed as I was expecting something good from this appearance. Well, just to comfort myself, I'm going to take it that they placed OGs on the show because they had contributed a lot to MM in terms of everything.

Of course, I have no say in who I want to see, so I shall just enjoy the performance. In fact, I will never get to choose because if I can, you will only see Eri on the screen~

If you're too, disappointed/unhappy...thinking on the bright side...
Eri had 2 solo shots in the performance
Eri looked as perfect as ever
Rokkies doing the clapping move in "Renai Revolution 21" together
Sayu stuck out her tongue during Aichan's first line of "Nanchatte Renai"
Aichan was fucking hot in "Nanchatte Renai"
Gaki-san was so adorable spinning in the "Renai Revolution 21" performance
Sayu's "Aiso warai" that kills (Okay, maybe just for me)
Reina was not the shortest thanks to Yaguchi-senpai
MM looked like angels (They ARE) in those white costumes
Linlin's facial expressions for "Nanchatte Renai" were amazing. I don't mean those over-reactions of her, but those cool and sexy expressions.

Did I leave out anything other than Kaorin's fall? o:
- It has been sometime since I blogged about my personal views...just skip them next time if you don't like it ^^;

Anyway, I should be translating some of the "Nanchatte Renai" promotions (The ones with those omg!-you-gotta-read-this! contents) just that some of them may come in the format of point form because there seriously wasn't anything interesting in the shows exception for some MM trivia.

I wonder how many brackets I used for this post...

PS. There's a new header in the sidebar titled "Downloads". It'll take me some time to translate certain things but it shouldn't take me long to upload and update the Eri-related shows under that column so do check it out if you're looking for direct downloads of certain shows! (Lots of thanks to megaupload)