InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #102 (090909)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Reina returned to Fukuoka twice recently as she was assigned to promote Morning Musume's 40th single, "Nanchatte Renai" in that area. During the promotions, she realised Morning Musume has fans ranging from little children to elderly people. One of the trips was with Aika. When they returned to Tokyo together, there were Aika fans waiting for Aika's arrival just to tell her an "Otsukare" (Good work today). Reina was amazed by how Aika's fans waited for Aika at the airport faithfully without knowing what time the 2 girls will be back.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

When Reina was staying in Fukuoka, she gets stung by mosquitoes frequently. However, after she had come to Tokyo, she doesn't get stung often. For example, whenever Morning Musume goes outdoors for a photo-shoot/recording, the members will complain about the itchiness after being stung but for Reina, she doesn't get any of those mosquito bites. By chance, on the day of the recording of this episode of FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina was stung by a mosquito on the hand and the leg.

Normally, when Morning Musume goes to convenience stores before their concerts, Reina will be the one with the least number of items in her basket. She sometimes end up just buying only an item while other members bought 2 full bags of stuff. The problem doesn't exactly lies with Reina though...Some members actually buys 5 packs of drinks at one go...

During the long-distance flight back to Japan from LA, Reina simply slept through it and as for the flight from Japan to LA, she listened to music, played games and had a meal. She couldn't really remember what she she decided that she should note down what she did during the flights the next time they visit another country.

Coming back to the Fukuoka talk, during the other trip, when she went to Fukuoka with Koharu, both of them went to a convenience store which wasn't even near to Reina's home town but by coincidence, Reina bumped into 2 of her male seniors. She wasn't very close to these 2 seniors and was no longer in contact with them ever since she moved to Tokyo. After the left the store and returned to the car, Reina told Koharu they are her seniors and Koharu started waving at the guys. Reina waved at them too~ Apparently, one of the senior is actually around 191cm. Nearly 40cm taller than Reina.

Kudo Shizuka - Kuchibiru Kara Biyaku ♪
The other day when Reina was at the karaoke, she had a sudden urge to sing Kudo Shizuka's songs so she sang around 4 of her songs. "Kuchibiru kara Biyaku" was one of them and after singing it, she wanted to sing it in front of the fans. If you ask why, its because she likes the "ii yo ii yo ii yo" part of the song which is pretty cute.

Nakajima Takui - Cafe au lait ♪

Recently, Reina went to the game centre with her family. Including her dad. Her parents started off with playing the slot machine. At first, Reina was just standing by their side watching them play. As she watched on, she felt like playing too so she tried playing it. She couldn't win the game as she didn't have the feel of the game but after a few more tries, she gradually knew how to look at the slots even as they spin. She successfully won a jackpot. Unfortunately it was only a game machine and not those gambling slot machines. This incident somewhat triggered Reina to want to play real slot machines after she turns 20. At the same time, this can be her answer if anyone asks her what she wants to do after she turns 20. Reina is pretty sure someone will ask her such a question.

As for Reina's granny, she loves to play the machine where she can win sweets. Since quite some time ago, whenever Reina returns to Fukuoka and they go to a game centre together, her granny will spend lots of money on that machine and win lots of sweets home. Once, Reina had some time to herself so she thought she would play the machine just for fun and surprisingly, she won herself a big packet of potato chips. After this incident, Reina concluded that its best to play the machines just for the fun of it.

With that, Reina gave 5 stars to the slot machines.

The Venus - Kiss wa Me ni shite ♪
Reina will like to perform this song too.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Reina : OtsukaReina