Konya mo Usachan Peace #149 (090909)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Its 2009 September 09! A day full of 9s~

Recently, whenever Sayu can't fall asleep at night, she will play games. She will switch off the lights in her room so that the only light in the room is from her gaming device. One day, when she did the same thing, suddenly, the light of her gaming device flickered non-stop, as though there was a sandstorm. She took a break and turned it off before playing with it again. Again, around 15 minutes later, the same thing happened. Sayu was frightened as she was playing in the same room as the room where she met the girl. She thought it might be because of that so she stopped playing. The next day, she played again and her device didn't flicker. Sayu then concluded that it was not her device that was not working well and that the girl must had been in her room that day.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu made a small mistake of calling "Haro" "Haru" (Spring)

During one of the Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello Chanpuru~ concerts, Sayu let down her hair for the first few performances that she was involved it. As she has a long break in between her first 2 performances and her next performance, she would only tie up her hair during that break. She ties up her hair during concerts because if she don't, her hair will get in the way. Also, if she lets down her hair, its very warm and she will sweat a lot resulting in an ugly looking Sayu. Once, during a rehearsal, she didn't tie up her hair and after all the sweating, her dance teacher commented that Sayu looked hideous ^^;

Sayu is a subscriber of Pocket Morning Diary. Like other subscribers, she pays the 315yen monthly to receive the mails sent out by the Hello! Project members. She reads all the mails as well as the Pocket Morning Q&A. For the July 26 Pocket Morning Q&A, the Morning Musume members were asked what they eat or drink during the break of the concert. As the question didn't specify what break they were referring to, Sayu thought it was the break in between a song while other members answered it according to the break in between concerts. Hence, all the members' answers were very different. Sayu was asked to verify with all the listeners whether Junjun really eats nattou after a concert. Its true. Junjun loves to eat nattou. As there are days whereby the catering service will not have nattou among their dishes, Junjun will always bring her own box of nattou.

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Eri's posture

Although this dance movement looks like its harder for all 9 members to be in sync, they surprisingly did well for this part during the PV recording. Instead, its the other dance steps that the members can't seem to be do it properly together. During their rehearsals, their dance teacher will point out any parts that wasn't in sync to them. They are told "You guys aren't in sync for this part" often and in fact, there are times whereby its just Sayu who isn't in sync. Under such circumstances, she will confirm the movements again with her dance teacher.

Sayu realised that the choreographies for Morning Musume's songs are becoming more and more difficult every time. When they first learned the choreography for "Resonant Blue", Sayu thought, "Such difficult choreography wouldn't exist" but as they moved on, songs like "Naichau Kamo" has an even more challenging choreography waiting for them. The dance steps have became so difficult that Sayu can no longer catch up without extra practice. Meanwhile, the Morning Musume fans are still able to dance together with them even without professional help. Sayu thinks that the fans are more talented than her.

- Dajarenboo Shogun -
#1. Rebaa mo tabe rebaa (If you eat liver too)
Although Sayu flushed this into the toilet bowl, she found it pretty good. In fact, she will give it a Shogun rank. Its a perfect pun for people to make when one is in a Yakiniku store with friends and family to get everyone hyped up.

#2. Konna ni oishii ikura, ikkura demo tabrareru ne (These salmon roes are so delicious that I can eat lots of them)
Nothing too special so Sayu flushed it into the toilet bowl.

#3. Ishikawa-san no meeru wa ki ga meeru (Ishikawa-san's mail sounds depressed)
Dajarenboo Shogun!

#4. Hikouki no fukusoujuushi ni totte motto mo taisetsu wa pointo wa, fukusou juushi (A very important point for the co-pilot of a plane to take note of is the clothes)
Flushed into the toilet bowl. Sayu wasn't the only one who took some time to comprehend the pun.

#5. Kono masukara wo tsukemasu kara (I'll use this mascara)
Flushed into the toilet bowl~ The Morning Musume members make puns often and Linlin sometimes teach them some Chinese pun-like jokes. The puns and jokes they make are of Konusapi's "Flushed into the toilet bowl" standard though...

#6. Kappa ga kyuuri o kapparau (The kappa took the cucumber and walked off)
Flushed into the toilet bowl ~ even though Sayu felt like giving it a "Dajarenboo Otousan" rank. This entry was sent in by Amakuchi-san. Amakuchi-san sends in mails to Konusapi frequently since 2 years ago. His suggested punishment lines were often used back then when "Quiz Shigesagon" corner was still going on. Sayu once said that Amakuchi-san's punishment lines tend to be more embarrassing as compared to the rest of the listeners' on one of the episode. So anyway, she took this chance to take revenge on Amakuchi-san by flushing his entry into the toilet bowl, lol. It wasn't exactly flushed in just because of that though. It was partly because of the context of the pun.

#7. Aijou komete kaita rabu retaa wa yabuburareta (The filled-with-love love letter written by me was torn up)
Dajarenboo Otousan!

Sayu hears stuff like about people's love for one another will gradually weaken after they get married but Sayu will not want that to happen to her marriage. She wants her relationship with her husband to remain as before even after marriage.

Michishige Sayumi - It's You ♪
Since its 090909, Sayu selected a song from Platinum 9 DISC.

Despite being the customer, Sayu doesn't dare to speak up. For example, after a hair cut, although she wants a certain area to be styled another way/trimmed shorter, she doesn't say it out. When getting a massage too, even when she wants the masseur to use a little more strength or to use lesser force as its hurting, she will just keep it to herself. If she happens to be together with her mother, she will ask her mother to tell the masseur that on her behalf.

Sayu fumbled with her lines quite a bit near the end of the show.

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin