Konya mo Usachan Peace #153 (091007)

Friday, October 09, 2009

The show started off with Sayu sharing another story that is related to her sister. According to Sayu's mother, there is some sort of health check-up service available for the workers at her sister's workplace to get an examination. However, Sayu's sister hates injections so much that she will react violently and cry. Hence, she didn't go for the check-up and insisted that she is all healthy. Sayu too, hates injections and she also hates going to the dental clinic. She will start crying from her house even before she reaches the clinic.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

This week, the name of the "Sayu's small room" corner has been changed to "Sayu's big room" as suggested by a listener last week. With that, lets move on to the new corner.

A listener sent in asking Sayu if she has applied for a credit card. He also wrote in his mail that he is a little worried about the full-of-carelessness Kamei Eri, who got her very 1st credit card just a few months ago. Even though Sayu has turned 20, she didn't get herself a credit card. It's because Sayu prefers to stay safe to trying out new things. She doesn't like the idea of having to go through the basic procedures of getting one and learning how to use it and the related functions. Its just her personality. Other members like Takahashi Ai has their personal credit card. Aichan once told Sayu that its better to have one but Sayu's money is normally handled by her mother so whenever she needs money, she will just go to her mother for it.

Although Sayu doesn't have a pencil case, she has lots of pencils and she doesn't know why she buys them. She uses mechanical pencil more often then using normal pencils. Still, she buys dozens of them after seeing how cute the designs are despite not having the need for them.

Before Sayu turned 20, she wanted to drink alcohol as she has never tried drinking it before but now that she has turned 20, she doesn't feel the urge to drink alcohol. Meanwhile for Gaki-san and Eri who had turned 20 last year, both of them drink alcohol pretty often and Sayu has heard them discussing about which alcohols are nice. They had invited Sayu to drink too. Sayu does want to go but she okay with just Oolong tea. Whenever Sayu's mother drinks alcohol, she will ask Sayu if she wants some but Sayu will reject the offer. Sayu doesn't see what's so tasty in alcohols and was never drunk.

During handshake events, Sayu has troubles trying to process what the fans tell her at that very moment. For example, when a fan asks Sayu what she wants, even though Sayu has many items that she wants, she will not be able to think up of any at that very second to give the fan a good answer. As requested by a listener, Sayu did her "Yosshii" impersonation on the show.

Appearing on variety shows are gradually becoming enjoyable for Sayu now that she is getting used to it. Whenever she goes on variety shows, it feels like "Ah, I'm working." Not as though she isn't "working" when she is with the rest of the members. Just that the members can rely on their leaders but when she is alone, she has no one but herself. Although she does face challenges in the variety world, she takes on them optimistically and is now having fun.

Morning Musume - Aruiteru

Sayu likes the C/W of "Iroppoi Jirettai," "Ai to Taiyou ni Tsutsumarete." This song isn't performed much and in fact, Sayu has never performed it in any of the concerts and events. (FYI, Eri sang "Ai to Taiyou ni Tsutsumarete" during Morning Musume's FC Tour 2007 in Hawaii) It's a song that Sayu listens to frequently and like Sayu has once mentioned, before she goes on variety shows, she will listen to Morning Musume's songs to gain courage. Listening to this song, she can feel the members' presence and their greatness through their voices.

A listener sent in a short mail telling Sayu that she hopes to see Sayu with the 2 ponytails hairdo when she goes on TV shows. Sayu pretty much laughed it off because Sayu usually sets the 2 ponytails hairdo when she goes on TV shows.

Instead of a balance ball, Sayu had received a beach ball from the "Ojigi de SHAPE UP!" members. She has no idea if it was given to her by mistake or they really had the intention of giving her a beach ball. Sayu initially wanted to use the balance ball to exercise so she inflated the rubber piece only to find out that it's really a beach ball like what was shown on the packaging. She didn't tell anyone about it and just left the ball at home as it is.

Normally, Sayu will be nervous during rehearsals for concerts but this time round, for ~Nine smile~ concert tour, she is more of touched than nervousness. The song she was referring to was none other than her favourite Morning Musume song, "Aruiteru." In ~Nine smile~ concert, this song performance starts off as Sayu's solo before the members join in. She was overjoyed when she got to know that she would be able to perform "Aruiteru" in the concert. During the rehearsal, when Sayu asked her teacher how her performance was, her teacher complimented her for doing a good job and commented that she must have had practised performing this song a lot.

Morning Musume - Ai to Taiyou ni Tsutsumarete

Hamada Britney, the gyaru lady who was sitting next to Sayu on Sayu's 2nd London Heart appearance was very friendly and spoke non-stop to Sayu. On the recording itself, Sayu was thinking about how she should talk to Britney and stuff when they go into breaks or preparations but Britney took the initiative to make conversations with Sayu which makes Sayu happy. She was surprised by the hyped-up tension of Britney. Sayu thinks that Hamada Britney is one who people can get along well with easily.

Promotion for Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~, Morning Musume's All Singles Coupling Collection album and Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess."

Sayu : Oyasayumin ~