Ichigo Ichie (090924)

Friday, October 09, 2009

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The show started off with Aichan talking about ~Nine smile~ concert tour. One of their costumes is a cow-like costume which matches 2009's zodiac (Cow). One of the things that Aichan would like fans to look out for is Koharu's head. She isn't sure if Koharu is going to put on that thing every concert but Aichan believes that if Koharu ever does, the fans will know what is that thing that she is referring to. Another thing to pay attention to is of course, the songs. Especially the nostalgic songs.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

The theme for "Kimagure Princess" is butts. The costumes for the song are designed to emphasise on their butts and the dance choreography also has butt focuses. Aichan thinks that most of the current members probably have never done that dance movement before as they don't usually do it. At first, when the girls heard the focus of the song, they were like "Huh!? Butts!?" but now its pretty all right to them.

Not going to go into details for Aichan's musical/play/movie recommendation corner since most of the time Aichan is giving spoilers. Anyway, she recommended the play Ogawa Makoto was involved in. She went to watch it with Mitsui Aika and their manager. After the play, she went to the backstage to meet Makoto and when Makoto asked her how the play was, she replied that it was pretty deep and hard to understand. Makoto then responded with me "I don't really understand it too." The fact that she could carry out her character well even without understanding the play fully is somehow amazing to Aichan.

Naturally, on the first day of ~Nine smile~ concert tour, just like other members, Aichan was nervous. Her way of making herself feel relax is to place an aroma diffuser-like machine in her dressing room. Normally after a concert and sweating crazily, Aichan will return to her dressing room to cool down. According to the people around her, Aichan doesn't leave her dressing room often. It seems like she likes staying in her dressing room. She usually listens to music, chats with the members and eats sweets when she is in the room. After they completed their concerts for the day and return home, Aichan will take a bath right away no matter how tired she is. On the topic of relaxation, Aichan's "dream" relaxation method is to sleep without turning on the alarm clock. She doesn't want to be tied down by time and wants to just sleep. Though so, she always wakes up around 20-30 minutes before the time she set for her alarm clock. She will then roll about on the bed to wait for time to pass.

There are numbers for the girls' positions in concerts. They will have different positions every time and they have to follow them closely. There is a lot to remember but its more like a "You can't not do it" task for the girls. Because of the fact that Aichan can't not do it, she is somehow able to memorise the numbers and details. Another important factor when learning something is to have interested in the something. (This paragraph was from the consultation corner. Aichan was giving advices to a fan who is studying English)

This episode's English phrase is "How far is the train station from here?" I don't have to explain the meaning of it right? So lets skip it! :D

Aichan finds that time has passed quickly after she had turned 20. There are people who said things similar to that like "Ah, but you turned 20 just the other day" when Aichan celebrated her 23rd birthday. Aichan didn't expect herself to still be in Morning Musume at the age of 23. Not that she minds though. She is happy to be a part of Morning Musume and wants to enjoy herself. Aichan hopes to continue to improve herself every year even after turning 23.

With that, Aichan ended the web show saying that she wants to read fan letters. (She always ends the show with saying something that she wants to do at that very moment)

I am not doing Ichigo Ichie on a regular basis. I did this because I was told that the translator who translates Ichigo Ichie didn't translate this episode due to his/her busy schedule so I thought I'd just do it. It was pretty fun since I don't translate Aichan-related stuff often.