Maito Time (091018)

Monday, October 19, 2009

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Something unrelated to Eri but it's funny so here's a short one.

On the topic of Sayumi and Reina being in the same generation
Host : So both of you are close friends?
Reina : ...No.
Host : Huh?
Reina : (lol)
Sayu : I even wanted to reply "yes!"
Host : To Michishige, she is a good friend?
Sayu : Yes.
Reina : No, she may be saying this...
Host : What sort of person is she (Sayu) from Reina-chan's point of view?
Reina : What sort of person? ...huh...I don't know.
Sayu : Eh!? We have been friends for 7 years! And we even see one another everyday!
Host : Exactly. Conversely, what sort of person is Reina-chan from your point of view?
Sayu : Hm...Yes. She is just like this.
Reina : (lol)
Host : We know just by looking, can we have some detailed description?
Sayu : All right, if I exaggerate it, she is a good girl.
Host : Ah...You could have just said she is a good girl why did you have to "exaggerate" it? Then if Reina-chan were to describe Michishige with a phrase, what will it be?
Reina : Hm...
Host : What do you think of her?
Sayu : (Giggles)
Reina : hair.
Sayu : That's just my looks!
Host : We can see that! (Black hair)
Maichin : You guys will be joining us again next week so...
Host : Please become better friends by then.
Maichin : Even if you guys can't seem to be friends, please put on an act.
Host : You don't have to say that out!

Sayu-Reina interaction was funny enough, Maichin's round-up made it even funnier xD Maichin
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Do listen to the full show if you get the time to. Maichin talked about going to Yamaguchi (She didn't exactly go into Yamaguchi) and got Sayu laughing big time there.