~Nine smile~ (10/17)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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A brief write-up for this week's ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka! Includes details of Gaki-san's birthday surprise that took place backstage before the concert ~

Let's start off with Eri. Eri had this 「茶」 kanji written on her left palm which means tea. Not exactly a random word since Shizuoka is famous for it's tea and they are in Shizuoka after all. During the concert in Gifu, Eri had 「岐阜」 (Gifu) written on her palm too. Looks like its becoming a trend huh? As for Eri's consultation corner, Junjun's trouble was that she wakes up too early and wants to try to sleep more. Something that Eri can't relate to so she gave some sort of incomprehensible advice. During the 2nd concert, the topic was about size and height. The updated height of Eri is now 157.6cm (Profile edited), a just-nice size. Eri's advice to Linlin who was troubled between whether to get shirts which fits her nicely or of a bigger size so that when she grows, she will still be able to wear it is to buy both the correct size and the bigger size ^^;

From the ending talk for the 2nd concert
Eri : During the song performances, all the fans were united as one and up on the stage, we were united as one too and when we mix both the fans' power and our power together, I felt a great power.
Gaki-san : What was that?

Oh yes, Koharu has got this new gag thing going on. Normally she will go "Yay yay!" during a concert but now she will say "Yoroshi" and the fans will follow-up to it and say "chuusu~" Its suppose to mean "Yoroshiku" just that its the Koharu version so don't be surprise if you hear it somewhere.

Now for Gaki-san's birthday surprise! Aichan called for the fans to sing a birthday song together with Morning Musume during the 1st MC segment which of course, Gaki-san had no idea about it. Also, the fans did Gaki-san calls for the 2 encores and held up their green light-sticks. FYI, there is a similar plan for the concert in Fukuoka, Reina's home-town. Anyway, before the concert, Aichan, Gaki-san and Eri had to do a commentary. Just as Gaki-san was about to leave after the commentary to prepare for the concert, Aichan grabbed onto her tail (Their 1st costume has got a tail) and wouldn't let go. Gaki-san thought "You like me that much eh?" at that moment. Aichan then told her that they were asked to go for a meeting. Naturally, Gaki-san thought she was about to be scolded or something however, it was a birthday surprise for her and a cake was brought out. They took a picture together as a round-up for the small celebration. Aika gave Gaki-san an early birthday present which was an accessory yesterday and Gaki-san had it on during the concert itself. Not too sure about other members since Gaki-san didn't say anything about it.

Tomorrow's FIVE STARS Monday will air at 24:00 of October 19 which also means it's 00:00 of October 20, Gaki-san's birthday. I'm looking forward to it. The last time Gaki-Kame celebrated Gaki-san's birthday on a radio show was in 2007 during an episode of FM Fuji Gaki-Kame radio show. You can find the transcript for that episode here. Coincidently, it was aired on Gaki-san's birthday itself too.