InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #111 (2009.11.11)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This week's FIVE STARS Wednesday is actually the #111 episode, on November 11, which is also Reina's 20th birthday! Reina joined Morning Musume when she was 13 so she had spent most of her teens as a member of Morning Musume. As an idol, obviously there are certain things that they are not allowed to do but looking on the bright side, she had enjoyed herself even though the fun was a little different from normal female teenagers'. The 13 years old Reina back then expected the 20 year old her to be a very mature fact, she thought after turning 20 years old she would probably be like an old lady. However, the current 20 years old Reina doesn't feel as though she has changed. Reina wants to continue taking up new challenges and enjoy herself to the fullest as she moves on.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Although Reina may appear to be very fashionable, the clothes she wears at home isn't as trendy as what she usually wears. Not that it's those dirty looking shirt or anything, just that the colours of her tops and bottoms don't match.

Reina talked about her current favourite hairstyle, from her description...I think it's something like this? She liked those 2 ponytails hairstyle not long ago but after noticing quite a number of members are using that hairstyle too, Reina stopped doing them because she doesn't want to have the same hairstyle as another member.

During the 11 minute 11 second of the show, the staff played the Happy Birthday song and brought a cake into the booth for Reina.

Reina : Happy birthday to you ♪
Reina : Happy birthday to you ♪
Reina : Happy birthday to Reina-chaaan ♪
Reina : Happy birthday to you ♪

Reina blew out the candles after the song. It was a chocolate cake with a candle stuck on it. Even though Reina knows when to expect such surprises, she didn't expect this birthday surprise (Probably because this show is pre-recorded. So on the day of the recording, it wasn't Reina's birthday) Reina didn't know how to round up so she moved on to the e'mail address immediately, lol.

Pocket Biscuits - Yellow Yellow Happy
Berryz Koubou - Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama

Something that's bothering Reina recently...when she goes to someone else's house, after taking off her shoes and entering the house, she has no idea if she is suppose to close the door or leave it open. By mannerism, she thinks that she should close it but she may appear to be rude if she goes around touching the owner's keys. For now, Reina is the type who will just close it and enter the house with an "Excuse me." However, she has friends who has some sort of funny looking keys with buttons which Reina doesn't know how to use. For such cases, she'll just tell her friend that she didn't close the door so that her friend will do it. Reina realised keys are becoming more advanced just like mobile phones. Reina won't be surprised if one says that she has no manners because she seriously has no idea about mannerism. She asked for listeners to send in mails to teach her about them xD With that, Reina gave five stars for her soon-to-be-embarked on journey to good manners.

Morning Musume - Osaka Koi no Uta
Reina initially wondered why this song uses Osaka dialect and not Fukuoka's (Hakata dialect). She later explained to herself that not everyone from Morning Musume is from Fukuoka so she shouldn't be thinking that way. Still, she wants a Fukuoka Koi no Uta but nowadays, she's in love with the Osaka dialect. She finds the common Kansai dialects like the popular tsukkomi, "Nande Yanen!" cute. Her favourite is "Nanyuuto yo" (What are you saying?) The link is that...Kansai dialect and Osaka dialect are pretty similar.

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Reina : GanbaReina

Once again, Happy Birthday Reina!
- I'll do Konusapi later ~