Listen (2009.11.11) - Aichan and Linlin

Thursday, November 12, 2009

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The host praised the two for their fashionable outfits ~

If Aichan were to be a princess, her ideal prince will be one of those princes in white tights, riding on a horse. If Linlin were to be a princess, her ideal prince will be a good and kind man. She does like the idea of a prince riding on a horse though.

Aichan's impression of Linlin, "A cute junior." Linlin is like the mood-maker of Morning Musume. The host said Linlin looks like those who brightens up the atmosphere and makes things fun. She used a word that Linlin didn't understand so Aichan's way of explaining it to Linlin..."It means something good."

Linlin's impression of Aichan, "A wonderful leader." Shortly after Linlin joined Morning Musume, there was a period of time whereby she felt depressed. Thanks to Aichan who stood by her, Linlin is who she is today (She said this herself). She added on that even though Aichan fumbles on her words often, when it's time to show her leadership skills, Aichan gives off a leader-aura. To Linlin, Aichan is just like her big sister, someone who she can go to when she is troubled.

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Both of them had gyuutan for lunch! (They are in Sendai and Sendai is well-known for it's delicious gyuutan)

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

I know it's short...but what can we expect from a 13 minutes long show with 1 song? o: