~Nine smile~ (11/01)

Monday, November 02, 2009

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I'm keeping this really short because I'm rushing off soon. Just a brief coverage for yesterday's concerts.

During the 1st concert, Sayu happily groped Eri and Junjun, was said to be "groping too much," lol. Another happening was when Reina and Junjun's boards (The smiley faces boards) got mixed up by accident and the two of them only realised during the song performance itself when Reina looked at her own board and thought "Eh? My blue is so dark!" and Junjun went "Eh? My blue is so light!" (Reina's blue is of a lighter shade than Junjun's) They exchanged their boards during the performance and probably because of this small happening, Junjun messed up her lyrics. For the consultation corner, nothing much but the way Eri rephrased her words for Junjun during the consultation corner was pretty funny.

Moving on to the 2nd concert, Eri had a short MC while all the members were on the stage too. I think it's probably a new MC segment because Koharu had one too during the afternoon concert. Koharu's was about going out with Eri for a meal. As for Eri's, apparently Eri was almost late for the bullet train which she was supposed to take to Miyagi for the concert. What happened was that she had somehow forgotten to bring her suitcase along when she left the house. She went home to get her suitcase but that wasn't just it. Again, when she left her house, she realised she had forgotten to take the ticket. She dashed home, grabbed the ticket, and rushed to the station. Luckily, she arrived at the station 5 minutes before the scheduled time for the train to leave. The consultation corner was funny with the fans teasing Gaki-san and Eri's round up. The topic was about falling asleep in the bath tub.

Gaki-san : That's gross, just get out of the tub if you want to sleep.
Fans : Fuuu ~
Gaki-san : Eh? Not that! I meant with her clothes on!
Fans : Fuuu ~
Gaki-san : You guys aren't Koharu so listen to me!
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : With her clothes on!!
Eri : Well...it's humid inside a bath isn't it? So...as long as you're sleeping naked, it's all right!
Fans : Fuuu ~
Eri : Look! Everyone is smiling!
Gaki-san : It's a little like a dirty smile though...
Fans : (lol)

For the last MC, Reina did a nori-tsukkomi which wasn't well received and caused her to somewhat lose confidence and spoke in a very soft voice. The sudden small voice of Reina caused the members to laugh real hard especially Gaki-san.
Translation for this week's FIVE STARS Monday will only be up on Wednesday or Thursday.