~Nine smile~ (11/03)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

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For the afternoon concert, the consultation corner was about eating. Junjun was troubled about controlling her diet. According to Gaki-san, Junjun ate 2 dango by herself yesterday. For Linlin, as long as the food is tasty, she is okay with eating it. Gaki-san on the other hand is more concious about what she eats and will limit herself. As for our little turtle...

Gaki-san : What about you, Kame?
Eri : Well, that's about this right? (Makes the money sign using her hand)
Gaki-san : Gees, you have been talking about that so much recently, how realistic.

I personally find this money-and-Eri thing funny. It's true that Eri has been talking a lot about money nowadays. On radio shows, during concert MC segments and in Morning Musume DVDs. That's about it for yesterday's concerts, nothing much.