(2009.11.28) Tokushima - Michishige Sayumi (1)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

During one of the concerts last weekend, Eri talked about getting her adult photo (20-year-old Kamei Eri) taken before she turns 21. The members then went on to praise her for how cute she was. Thanks to Sayu, we got to see the photo Eri was talking about.

11/28 Tokushima - Michishige Sayumi (1)
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PS. Just in case anyone is confused, although the picture is a picture of Kamei Eri-chan, this is Michishige Sayumi's Pocket Morning Diary..
Eri went to talk her adult photo. She's cute isn't she?
Eri's reason was "Eri isn't going to write a Pocket Morning Diary so Sayu publish it please ~"..
Yes, as she had requested, I published it.
Well, it would be a waste if everyone didn't get to see this cute Eririn dressed in her kimono.