Nine Smile (2009.11.29) - Mic recording

Thursday, December 03, 2009

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My write-up of last weekend's Nine Smile concerts didn't include any Eri-unrelated details...well, because I wasn't in the mood to. So anyway, here's just a short one on Aichan and Gaki-san.

After the last MC, Gaki-san did an impersonation of Koharu which earned her a chop on the head from Aichan. Gaki-san's five stars reaction to that?
Aichan : (Chops Gaki-san on the head)
She didn't say it into the microphone, but it was recorded in her microphone recording. Download the recording from the download link given above. If you're really that impatient, forward it to 02:27.

As for Eri's microphone recording, it includes her "I'll give you my heart" line which she apologised to Junjun softly after doing it since it was just for laughs. Afterwards, Koharu sang a couple of lines from Nanchatte Renai alone and in the recording. You can hear Eri laughing at Koharu and saying that that's embarrassing. She didn't say it directly into the microphone, so you won't be able to hear it if you listen to the fan recording of the full concert.

There are other members' microphone recordings too but lets not do extra work here since uploaders will probably be uploading them onto forums. Do check out the fan reports for Nine Smile concerts. There are quite a number of Aichan-Gakisan, Gakisan-Koharu and individual members' moments nowadays.