Ichigo Ichie #037 (2009.12.17)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Earlier this month, Aichan went to Beijing together with Gaki-san, Junjun and Linlin. The first thing that surprised her was how big and beautiful Beijing's airport was. The fans from China were waiting at the airport for their arrival and called out to them when they saw them coming out. Aichan looks forward to seeing the fans at airports whenever she travels overseas for work. It makes her really happy. She also received compilations from a fan who represented an unofficial fan club which had planned one of those fan projects that collect messages to be compiled and passed to the Morning Musume girls. There were 5 compilations in total. Each of the girl who went to Beijing received a solo compilation of messages while the messages for Eri, Sayu, Reina and Aika were compiled into one compilation. A lot of fans tried their very best to write in Japanese and Aichan truly appreciates their efforts. She read through every single message in her compilation and was shocked to know that the stumble-on-her-words-often habit is well-known.

Junjun and Linlin were very excited when they heard that they would be able to go to Beijing for promotions. Aichan is interested in Mandarin but she isn't able to speak/read/understand the language so she had to rely on Junjun and Linlin during the trip. The food there was great and since they were at Beijing, the girls wanted to try the Peking Duck which they did, on the very first day of their trip. Aichan and Gaki-san returned to Japan a few days earlier than Junjun and Linlin. According to Junjun and Linlin, after Aichan and Gaki-san left, they had some really delicious food. The purpose of the trip was to promote Morning Musume and to get an opportunity to hold a concert in China.

Aichan likes both public recording and studio recording. She likes the real time reactions she gets when she does a public recording but she feels nervous every time she does a public recording.

High King - Destiny Love
Aichan loves "Destiny Love" and is pleased to have the "Destiny Love" lines, which are sang in English.

Aichan's recommendation this week is Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~. Koharu's graduation ceremony was probably one of the longest graduation ceremony Morning Musume ever had. Even Tsunku, noticed that the ceremony's duration was really long. Koharu is Aichan's first junior that graduated before her and it felt really different. She didn't know what to say for her speech. During the last week of the concert tour, together with Sayu, Koharu performed Rainbow Pink. Rainbow Pink is a pretty old song for Koharu's career in Morning Musume. Watching Koharu rehearse for the song performance, Aichan noticed the big difference between the current Koharu and the Koharu back then when Rainbow Pink was first performed. That moved her to tears, unsurprisingly. Aichan heard from Sayu that Koharu treated the rehearsals for Rainbow Pink very seriously and did everything perfectly, unlike the Koharu in the past.

Listener's recommendation is "Twelve Angry Man" stage play. Google the title if you're interested in it. It was originally a movie.

Backstage recording (~15:20)
Sayu watched the Ichigo Ichie DVD. The end.

The recording was taken during the final day of Nine Smile concert tour. Only Sayu and Aichan were talking in this recording because Aichan did another recording earlier on with the rest of the members before Sayu went back to the dressing room...or at least she thought she recorded it. She ended up with only the recording of her and Sayu talking instead of both the recordings, including the one she did with the other 7 members. According to Aichan, when the 8 of them did the recording (The one without Sayu), Koharu talked quite a bit. Unfortunately, she didn't record it.

Something unrelated, but since she talked about Nine Smile's final concert, Eri invited Nozomi Sasaki (Voice actress of Sapphy, a jewel pet) to the concert. Nozomi turned up for the concert and wrote a blog post for it.

Aichan still has a habit of saying "9-people Morning Musume" instead of 8. When she was in Beijing, she said 9 and had to correct herself.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Rainbow Pink
Aichan remembers how funny Hito-Pink and Miki-Pink's performance was during Hawaii FC Tour 2007. She envies Sayu for being able to sing and dance to such a cute song even at the age of 20.

When the 5th generation joined Morning Musume, they often got lectured for their bad skills and the lack of personality. Aichan takes baths to relieve her stress from work. (Off topic : When I did this part, I took a look at the clock and it was 12:23AM ~)

This week's English phrase is "Say hi to your mom."

Although Aichan is a big fan of Takarazuka, she has never been to the grand theatre of Takarazuka's musicals for more than 10 times.

Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to play Final Fantasy right now