Konya mo Usachan Peace #163 (2009.12.16)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fujimoto Miki's wedding banquet in November is the biggest reception ever Sayu has attended. She was surprised by Mikitty's cute smile and how Mikitty cried buckets, something that Sayu didn't expect from Mikitty. For some unknown reason, Aichan cried too, lol. Instead of a wedding cake, Shouji and Mikitty had a chocolate fondue. The lovely couple fed one another. Shingawa, the other half of Shingawa Shouji comedy duo, made a speech to the couple which moved Sayu to tears. After the banquet, Sayu sent a nicely decorated (lengthy) mail to Mikitty talking about the experience. The next day, she received a reply from Mikitty which got her excited. Mikitty's reply was none other then....!
"Who are you?"
*Dodges the rotten eggs*

What's more is that in Sayu's mail, she wrote "If Sayumi gets married, I want a wedding like Fujimoto-san's."

Fujimoto Miki - Romantic Ukare Mode
Haruna Ai did not attend the banquet but she made a VTR to congratulate the couple. In the VTR, she did her famous lip-sync performance of Mikitty's Romantic Ukare Mode.

From Sayu's house in Yamaguchi to the nearest convenience store takes a 20 minutes walk so Sayu has never been to there, lol (You know what I mean right?). Anyway, some time ago, when Morning Musume was in Kobe, they all had some Nikuman and that started the Nikuman craze in Morning Musume. When they were eating Nikuman together, they got curious about what one another adds to their Nikuman. For Sayu, she wanted some mustard but there wasn't any available there. Aika on the other hand uses sauce...which isn't common. They told Aika to talk about this uncommon taste of hers somewhere when she gets the opportunity too. However, Sayu shared this story first, even before Aika herself. She told the listeners if Aika were to talk about it somewhere, they must act as though they are hearing the story for the first time, lol.

The Morning Musume members are guest actresses in the upcoming drama that Mano Erina is involved in. They taped the drama recently for Sayu's scenes. It has been some time since the last time Sayu worked with Mano. She was surprised by how responsible Mano had became. When both of them stood side by side, the staffs told them they really look alike. Sayu was glad to hear that but Mano showed no reaction so Sayu thought perhaps Mano doesn't like the fact that she looks a little like Sayu. Coming back to the drama, since the scenes were not taken in order, the staffs got a little confused with the props. They didn't know which props were supposed to use in which scenes. Mano on the other hand remember everything clearly and helped them out. After the taping, Sayu mailed Mano "Good job!" but she didn't get a reply from her. A week after that work assignment, Sayu saw Mano again and Mano then thanked Sayu for the mail.

When Koharu guested on Konusapi earlier this month, she did her "Mikan, ikimasu!" (A line that Koharu always says before a Mikan performance in a concert) after Sayu read out the song title. Sayu was sitting directly opposite Koharu and saw Koharu's eyes looking upwards when she said "Mikan, ikimasu!" like she'll do during concerts. The fact that Koharu is doing that on a radio show tickled Sayu. When they played Rainbow Pink, Koharu was dancing to the song in the studio.

Before Koharu's graduation was announced, Sayu had never thought of not having Koharu in Morning Musume. Only after the announcement, she realised how quiet Morning Musume will become if Koharu is gone. She regrets not talking to Koharu more. Watching the Koharu standing next to her during concerts, telling the fans that she would be graduating, Sayu wondered why Koharu grew up so big. FYI, in Koharu's memorial DVD, Sayu was the only one who cried when recording the video message for Koharu. She didn't exactly cry though, she held back her tears as she continued to talk about how she wish she had went out with Koharu during their personal time.

Sayu and her sister used to love bugs. During the summer seasons, where there'll be lots of bugs, the two of them would catch bugs using a bug net. She remembers how much fun they had catching them and discussing about the bugs, saying things like "Red dragonfly is rare." They even raised mantises. Sayu knows that it sounds sick, but she admitted to looking at a mantis eat another mantis up. She even caught around 4 beetles. In Yamaguchi, the supermarkets sell beetles (Seriously, for what?). Sayu and her sister would often pester their mother to buy some for them. Apparently the two of them loved bugs more than their brother did.

After Sayu's sister jots down something, she often isn't able to read what she wrote, lol. Sayu popped up at her sister's workplace sometime ago and saw how hard her sister was working and that touched her a little. She is happy to see her sister being able to balance well.

Sayu wonders if her sister is an alien, lol.

Morning Musume - Egao Yes Nude

This week's sexy phrase...
Sayu : Marshmallow ~ (~27:02)

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Sayu : OyaSayumin