InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #118 (2009.12.30)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reina was speaking with a nasal voice when she recorded this week's show. She caught a cold. Anyway, since its the last day of 2009, Reina looked back at 2009. This year had passed very quickly for her, with her usual routine of working, playing and sleeping. When she first entered Morning Musume, she wanted time to pass faster but now, she doesn't even have to wish for it to pass quickly and it'll fly past her. This year, Reina celebrated her 20th birthday. She wanted it to be a special celebration but as usual, she spent it with her family. She initially didn't want to turn 20 but after turning 20, she realised that there's not much difference from being in her teens.

She wanted to review on 2009 but its difficult to recall everything so she talked about what she has been doing lately. She has been playing street fighter and from her description, it seems like she has been using Zangief to fight. Reina finds Zangief a great character and can win over pro-players of street fighter without even knowing the buttons for special moves with Zangief.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

For "Kimagure Princess"'s music video taping, Reina was the last member to get her shots taken. For this single's recording, they were told to move around even if its not their line, showing the sexiness of a girl. As she was wondering about what moves to make for her shots, she watched other members and saw some of the members really moving their hips. Kind of like "Can that shot actually be used!?" standard of sexiness. For Reina, she felt that if her shots were all just sexiness and nothing else, it'd be boring so she added in a little bit of the Reina flavour that we see in concerts.

Reina once said that she'll like act in a drama. Although she has yet to accomplish that aim, she now has an anime that was done based on Tanaka Reina and Reina herself is currently voice acting for the main character (Kaitou Reinya) in the anime. If Reina can participate in other shows, she will like to play the baddie of power rangers. She finds the make-up and costume of the baddie cute and feels that she'll be able to act like a baddie even though she has no experience in acting. Most girls will normally choose pink ranger when asked who their favourite ranger is. However, Reina's prefers red ranger to other rangers.

Kazusa Kitaguchi - Am I Fallin' In Love
Hilcrhyme – Shunkashuutou

Continuing with the 2009 review, Reina certainly got into spam this year ever since she ate the onigiri filled with spam during the Hawaii FC Tour. She wasn't that crazy about it at first but after she returned to Tokyo and bought the canned spams, she fell in love with it and is still in love with it. She is hunting for spam now because they aren't available in common supermarkets. She also had a craze over avocados and cooking this year. She only tried cooking 3-4 times and all of them were just spaghetti. It wasn't exactly because of her interest. She has zero interest in cooking but wanted to do it because she was turning 20. Reina sounds really proud and adorable when she talked about not "crying" when cutting onions, lol. She hopes to find a dish she is good at making in near future. That's the 2009 round-up for her private life.

Now for her job. Koharu's graduation is the biggest change for Morning Musume in 2009 in Reina's opinion. It feels strange without her, as though Morning Musume is "imbalance." Not that they don't get along with one another, just that some members works better with certain others. They can't revert the graduation so they can only work hard together now. She quickly ended her talk when she realised she about to go into a serious talk.

Please continue to support Reina (and Morning Musume) in 2010. With that, Reina gave 5 five stars to Morning Musume.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito

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