Chinese Cuisine with Hammy ~

Friday, May 22, 2009

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Pilot FriXion pens GETS! (GAKIKAME colours :P)
As well as BOMB June issue and Ramune ~

Went for Chinese Cuisine with Hammy yesterday for lunch and she ordered a little too much ^^; I browsed through her Morning Channel and was cursing for why there aren't any scans of it except for those cut-out pictures. Was surprised by the number of pictures I've never seen before in the book. Perhaps I should get it too o:
But anyway, as we were talking about Shouganai Yume Oibito's Drama PV..

OnDiet : They were just flipping through books.
Hammy : Boobs?

Yet another great trip with Hammy. We talked about MM non-stop for 4 hours and by the time 3 hours had passed Hammy was exhausted from all the laughing ^^;
I'll use one the cold jokes Hammy made as a round up!

OnDiet : Why must it be sundae (dessert)?
Hammy : Cos' its not Saturday
OnDiet : ._. *Roll eyes*
Hammy : One day your eyes will roll down from all those rollings of eyes.