Morning Musume Aki no Monthly SP (091101)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The 3 girls (Aichan, Reina and Linlin) did linkages between the 9 members of Morning Musume for a particular corner during the radio show. Linlin paired Eri and Sayu together and labelled them as a married couple. Although she initially didn't decide who was the male and who was the female, after Reina asked her, she placed Eri in the male role and Sayu in another reason being Eri is technically older than Sayu.

Reina's linkages were complicating, funny yet realistic. She linked Eri together with Aika. The link is that Aika finds Eri the most frightening member in Morning Musume when she is angry. You can find the translation regarding that matter here. The linkage between Reina and Eri is that they are able to work well together easily. Another linkage that was related to Eri was the link between Gaki-san and Sayu. Reina labelled them "Rivals." Rivals for what you may ask. It's obvious, it's for Eri. Reina thinks that because Gaki-san and Eri are of the same age and Eri and Sayu are very good friends, there may be rivalry between them resulting in a love triangle. To make things easier to understand, here's an ugly map of it.
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Another corner was for the girls to read out the reasons listeners had sent in for why they love Morning Musume. As Aichan was explaining about the corner...
Aichan : Things like "Her singing is cool," "Kamei-chan is cute," "Her dance is fantastic!" ...Eh? It's all talking about Kamei-chan!
Reina : Exactly.
Aichan : And also, things like "Kamei-chan is fashionable!"

Well, it's totally okay for such compliments s long as they don't read them in front of Eri. The word "humble" doesn't exist in Eri's dictionary.