Ichigo Ichie (091105)

Friday, November 06, 2009

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Sudou Maasa of Berryz Koubou was on Ichigo Ichie as guest for this week! She is the first non-MM member to make an appearance on the web show! The show started off with Maasa telling Aichan she was speaking in an accent when she did the opening of the show. Aichan denies it at first but after Maasa pointed out the intonation difference, Aichan admitted to it. Putting the accent talk aside, the 2 girls stated their goals for this short 40 minutes they spent together. Before they moved on to the talks, Aichan told Maasa to address her as Aichan instead of Takahashi-san. Maasa refused at first but agreed to after a while.

Maasa wants to go to Morning Musume's ~Nine smile~ concert. However, the dates for both BK and MM's concerts were arranged in a way that they clash in nicely. Maasa is thinking of going for the final concert, where Koharu will graduate, since she doesn't have a concert on that day. Not only does she want to go because it's Koharu's last, she wants to watch Aichan. That comment placed a reasonable amount of pressure on Aichan :P According to Aichan, Maasa always goes to Morning Musume's concerts and will send Aichan her review after it. Although Morning Musume's concert tour is titled ~Nine smile~, Aichan thinks that they will still end up crying. She told Maasa about the incident on ON8 where she started crying when talking about Koharu's graduation.

Meanwhile for Berryz Koubou's concert, Maasa said that there is something in the concert that is not seen in any other concerts of Hello! Project. I'm not a big fan of Berryz Koubou...so I don't know what it is ^^;

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Maasa has watched Kimagure Princess's promotion video. Probably like many of us, Maasa had problems figuring out who sang the chipmunk lines too until she saw the promotion video. She commented that the choreography for the chorus is sexy-looking. She was amazed by Morning Musume's dance coordination. Aichan added in that nowadays, they don't get same dance movements often (Like Resonant Blue and stuff, each member has their own set of choreography). FYI, Reina mentioned on FIVE STARS Wednesday that they retook the promotion video a lot of times, more than normal promotion videos. Coming back, although the song is suppose to have a sexy feel to it, after listening to it, Sayu actually found the song funny instead of sexy. The 2 girls then started commenting on how interesting Sayu is, having unique views for everything, and that's one thing that Aichan looks forward to from Sayu.

Not long ago, Aichan invited Maasa to a Takarazuka musical but because of her busy schedule, Maasa was unable to make it for the musical. Aichan promised to invite her out again though.

Aichan wants to go to Berryz Koubou's concert. According to Maasa, Aichan goes to their concerts frequently. Both of them then discussed about being in a group. Maasa being a very competitive girl, hates to lose. She'll often put in more effort into her dance moves to outshine other members. Aichan told Maasa that that attitude of her is very important and she wants her to keep that with her forever.

Backstage stories of Berryz Koubou! Since the members are still pretty young, they can be pretty childish at times. Whenever food arrives, the first member who sees it will scream "Everyone! The food is here!!" and they often do impersonations in their dressing rooms. Aichan commented that Morning Musume is similar to Berryz Koubou. Members like Reina does lots of impersonations of not only celebrities, but also anime characters or another member. Aichan talked about Linlin eating non-stop in the backstage. And apparently, Linlin is OnDiet (on a diet) now. She refrains herself from eating certain food and sticks to fruits only.

Berryz Koubou - Ryuusei Boy

Maasa admires Aichan. She told Aichan "Your figure is beautiful" xD!!

Once, Aichan forgotten a manager's name and called the manager a completely different name. She called him Monkey-something because that was what she thought it sounded like ^^; Aichan's way of remembering names is by labelling the person's name with something that sounds similar. If she happens to forget, she will ask the person directly and makes sure she remembers it.

Eigo (English) lesson! This week's phrase is "Do you have the time?" which means "What is the time now?" Since it doesn't make any sense if I translate this corner, lets do it in the reversed way. So this week's Japanese phrase is 「今何時ですか?」 (Ima nan ji desu ka?) which means "What is the time now?" or "Do you have the time?" Oh yes, Maasa praised Aichan for her pronunciation.

A listener who is 23 years old found out that he/she had grown taller by 2cm recently. He/she encourages Aichan to not give up. Maasa asked about Aichan's height. Aichan is the 3rd shortest member in Morning Musume. She doesn't see any height difference between her and Gaki-san (4th shortest) though, lol. Aichan's dream height is 160cm. In case anyone doesn't know, Aichan's updated height is 154cm (Eri's updated height is 157.6cm. Here, this post is somehow Eri-related now) Apparently, there was a period of time whereby Sayu was hunchbacked because of being too tall. Aichan mentioned that being small-sized, she has to make her dance movements bigger so as to maintain the competitiveness between her and other members. Maasa's response to that? "If you put it that way, then I can't see that sort of smallness in you" In case anyone doesn't understand that sentence, Maasa meant that Aichan is shining as much as any other member despite her small size.

Maasa enjoyed herself and looks forward to hanging out with Aichan.

Next week too, there will be a guest. It'll be a member from Berryz Koubou.

With that,
Maasa : This was Sudou Maasa who wants to eat bagel now and...
Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to go out for a meal with Maasa! Goodbye!

Ichigo Ichie invasion! I was told that the regular translator for Ichigo Ichie has decided to stop translating the web show so I thought I'd try it out and well...I don't think I'll be doing this regularly.