Ichigo Ichie #038 (2009.12.24)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Perhaps still in the China mood, when Aichan was talking about new year, she gave a short Mandarin lesson. The phrase she taught was "新年快乐" (Xin nian kuai le) which means "happy new year."

There are 2 different concerts for the upcoming Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu. It may seem to be physically demanding since the dates are all lined up side by side, but Aichan thinks that it may not be as bad as she thinks since it is a Hello! Project concert. In other words, they don't get to sing as much as when performing in a Morning Musume concert. There are songs that Aichan likes and some old songs in the concerts' set lists.

Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai" will be released on February 10. Aichan can't give much details for now but she can say that it may be a cool song, but they are wearing cute costumes.

Aichan is not good at skiing but she doesn't fall when she skis. She enjoys skiing but haven't been skiing ever since she joined Morning Musume. She has never tried snowboarding but will like to try doing it.

High King - Destiny Love
Aichan gives a hint that this song will be performed in the upcoming concert. She assures us that it will be a cool song.

This week's recommendation is "A Christmas Carol." Aichan watched the movie with Junjun. Although Junjun gave her a choice of the movie and Aichan wanted to watch "2012," she was too afraid to watch it so she chose "A Christmas Carol" instead. Junjun was quicker in her in getting the tickets so she couldn't do much about it.

Listener's recommendation is "Public Enemies." Aichan has yet to watch it.

Aichan hopes that she can stop falling down during concerts because she makes the rest of the members feel worried for her. Gaki-san and Eri especially. Gaki-kame often tells her to stop falling, even though its something that she can't help. Once, during a Hello! Project concert in the Summer, in a middle of a performance, when Aichan was standing in the centre, she fell down the steps. Eri happened to be next to her at that point and it surprised Eri. She quickly checked if Aichan was all right. Fortunately, unlike the fall she had during Nine Smile concert, it wasn't a bad fall. Aichan will like to stop being clumsy, behave like a young lady and not cause the rest worry about her.

Aichan's role in Q.E.D drama is an 18-year-old school girl. She was 22 at that time when they filmed the show. Talking about it, it brings back the good memories to Aichan. Even though the drama was aired earlier this year, it felt as though it has been a long time.

Watching Koharu graduate, Aichan noticed that Koharu has grown up a lot and has became cool.

Looking back at 2009, Aichan realised how much she has done within a year together with the other members. She is amazed by the amount of stuff they accomplished in 2009.

To Aichan, travelling overseas is a good thing. Some of the members often have problems with travelling because of the food and the inability of their skin to adapt to the new environment. Aichan has no problem adapting to the environment quickly. She wants to meet the fans from Taiwan, Korea and many other more countries. Aichan is thinking of learning Mandarin. She is still putting English as the top priority though.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
Aichan feels that this song (lyrics) has a deep meaning behind it and she will like everyone to listen to it.

When she was younger, like other children, Aichan wondered if she could write her name in Hiragana instead of Kanji because all 3 Kanjis in her name, "高橋愛" (Takahashi Ai) aren't easy to write.

This week's English phrase is "Okay, I will." It is a continuation of last week's English phrase, "Say hi to your mom."

There will not be any Ichigo Ichie next week. It will continue to run as usual after 2009.

Aichan teaches how to sing the "Jan!" line in "Kimagure Princess." Can't be translated, you have to listen to the show to listen to how she sang. She did say that you can try to use the strength from your stomach. It helps to build muscles. It may be difficult to sing along at first but if you get the trick to doing it, it should not be of much problem. The challenging part for Aichan is the lines with a faster tempo. Those aren't her lines though. Aichan says that if one is able to sing "Kimagure Princess" well, the rest of the Morning Musume songs shouldn't be of much difficulty since "Kimagure Princess" is a vocally-challenging song.

Thanks to "Ichigo Ichie," which started this year, Aichan has improved greatly with her talks even though she has yet to stop stumbling over her words. Please continue to support "Ichigo Ichie" in 2010.

Aichan: This was Takahashi Ai who wants to meet the Ichigo mates (Listeners of "Ichigo Ichie") now.